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Immersive Audio Solutions

I love stories. And I think that the right soundscape along with the newest technologies help to tell them in a more immersive way.

Recording, Mix and Mastering

"It's not about gear, it's about the ear"
True. But if you have the right gear with the right ear, you will sound even better - this is the focus of my studio.

Multimedia Sound Design & Original Music

From Videogames to Films, I will help to make your next story sound great with original sounds & music.

About me

Born in a little town in the north of Italy, I always been affascinated by great stories: from the fantastic worlds of Disney and his marvellous attractions to the epic galaxy far, far away of Star Wars, through the thrilling superhero stories of Marvel Comics and the breathtaking adventures of Lara Croft

Early, I found out that all these stories had something in common: an outstandig storytelling. But there was something in particular that kept rolling in my mind after I have experencied these stories, and that was the amazing music and sounds that outlined them.

So, after attending a Scientific High School during which I got myself in the great world of Physics and Computer Science (C++ and Java), I decided to study Electronic Music Composition at the Conservatory Of Music Of Vicenza, Italy.

Here I combined my passion for technology and computer science with music, sound engineering, acoustic physics and sound design for media.

Since the first year of studies at the Conservatory, I started working on both sound engineering and sound design jobs, gaining also experience in live electronics and bulding my personal studio based in Thiene (VI), Italy. Here I produce, record and deliver professional sounding mixes and masters.

I also work in Film and TV audio production and post production, having mixed and composed soundtracks for several short movies and advertisements.

As a computer science enthusiast and videogames fan, I also started learning and then working on Videogames Audio, creating and programming sounds and dynamic music with middlewares such as Wwise and Fmod, integrating them in Unity and Unreal Engine 4.

Being affascinated by Cycling ’74 Max 7, I started developing interactive A/V softwares and installations, as well as virtual instruments and sound processors.

As a huge fan of theme parks – which I think deliver the ultimate storytelling experiences –  I develop interactive immersive experiences using a combination of videogames developing knowledge and composing/sound design skills.

I am currently researching on immersive sound technologies for interactive experiences such as VR games and theme park attractions, using knowledge on multichannel audio and acoustic/psychoacoustics.